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Hello there, I’m Isaac, I am a Web Developer focusing on HTML, CSS and Javascript. I also create apps in the React.js Framework.

I focus on making apps that are visually appealing as well as making them fully functional. If you need help with any projects you might have,

Don't hesistate to contact me!

I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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Movie/TV Show Review App Using TheMovieDatabase API

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This Movie/TV Show Review App fetches data from the TMDB API and displays a list of reviews for a particular movie or tv show. The App also displays the average review rating for the movie or tv show. The App has also been optimised for mobile devices.

This App was built in HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Code Snippets Library Built In React

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The Code Snippets Library stores code snippets for future use. I built this app because I was tired of typing the same lines of code again and again. This app allows me to be efficient and save time when creating a project.

Snippets are organised into categories. Users can add new snippets and delete snippets. Users can also add and delete categories.

This App was built in React.

Personal Portfolio Site

This is my personal portfolio site which displays my best portfolio projects. The site also displays a welcome screen, skills and a contact section. I chose a nice milimilistic design for my site as I wanted to give the best user experience possible. I used a lot of white colors which goes really well with a black background.

The site also has some fun sliding card effects for each section.

The App was built in HTML, CSS and minimal Javascript.


  • HTML


  • CSS


  • Javascript


  • React


  • Humour


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